Monday, February 28, 2011

the Eukanuba 28-day challenge.

   As most of you dog lovers out there may have heard, Eukanuba dog foods has had a bit of a "challenge" going on.  Recently, Eukanuba advertised a new "trial run" of sorts for dog owners who just felt like their dog wasn't really getting the maximum benefits that it could from its dog food.  The company told owners to buy their dog any brand of Eukanuba dog food and feed it to their dog for 28 days, and if the results for their dog weren't better, they would give the owner a 110% refund on what they paid for the food.  I mean really, it doesn't seem like a bad idea... what do we have to lose, right?
   Now Keebler and I technically didn't participate in this challenge, only because we had participated in our own challenge similar to this with Eukanuba food a few months ago.  However, I'd still like to share the outcome of what we found by feeding Eukanuba.
   Over the summer, I noticed Keebler losing quite a bit of weight at a rapid pace.  We fed him a great dog food, but for some reason he couldn't seem to keep weight on.  After multiple trips to his veterinarian, everyone thought maybe he had just been running outside too much and we all thought it was possible he would gain the weight back by fall.  Well, when fall came, things had actually gotten worse.  Not only was every rib on Keebler visible, but he was also losing his hair and becoming very lethargic.  For a very energetic dog, he didn't seem to have any interest in playing with his toys or going for walks like he had in the past.  But no matter how many times he took a trip to his vet, everything technically was coming up normal, like he was a perfectly healthy dog.
   Due to Keebler's weight and hair loss, we had to postpone our journey to get back into the show ring again, and I was very upset because no one could seem to find the answer as to why he looked and felt so awful.  Then while I was on the phone with one of the friends I met showing dogs, she told me to try switching his dog food to a Eukanuba Performance ration.  At first I thought that was out of the question - I had fed all of my dogs Iams their whole lives, which is a very good food, and up to this point none of my dogs had ever had a problem.  But seeing as I had tried everything else, I decided that this change couldn't hurt.  I did some research on Eukanuba's website and decided on Eukanuba Active Performance.
   After buying the food, I could tell it was good stuff before I even gave Keebler his first bowl of it.  It didn't have a bunch of colors and dyes thrown into it to make it "look better" and it didn't leave a greasy residue on my hands.  It was a little bit smaller morsels than what Keebler was used to, but it was still crunchy to help clean his teeth aside from when I brush and polish his teeth.  It wasn't soft and chewy, and it didn't look at all like it contained a lot of harmful fats in it.  And after Keebler had his first bowl of it, he seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed himself!
   I fed Keebler one cup in the morning and another cup at night, and within a week I could see positive results.  Keebler was getting that thin but healthy layer of fat around his ribcage, and his attitude was starting to be more energetic like he had been in the past.  In two weeks, the hair on his stomach and legs was starting to grow and thicken up again.  After just three weeks, his weight was back to normal and he was always eager to go for a walk in the afternoon.  And finally, after just four weeks of feeding him this ration, his coat was stunningly gorgeous and he found more enjoyment in running than in walking.  He was back to his normal self and I couldn't have been happier!
   I've continued to feed Keebler Eukanuba Active Performance, considering that starting in April/May he will be a performance dog again.  Not only is he in amazing shape, he's in better shape than he's ever been.  Feeding him Eukanuba turned out to be a miracle and I am so happy... and my dog is happy, too!  I've been working with dogs since I was ten years old, I've shown in AKC since I was fifteen years old, and I also worked for a vet in high school.  I've been around and personally worked with tons and tons of different dogs and dog foods in my lifetime, and I would recommend Eukanuba to anyone.
   So thank you, Eukanuba Team, for researching canine health and continuing to come out with better and better products for our dogs that we love so much.  Just when we all think you're at your highest point, you prove us wrong and come out with something that's even better!   Eukanuba really is that one little difference between "better" and "best," and as far as I'm concerned, I want Keebler to be the "best" dog he can possibly be!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

post-westminster, & a late-night blog.

   Hello everyone! As you can see, this a very late-night blog, but we feel awful because we haven't given you guys any updates for a while!
   Of course, we want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the Best In Show winner of Westminster, Hickory the Scottish Deerhound! It was a very unexpected win, but an extremely well-deserved one. Congrats, Hickory, you are beautiful!
   Also, congratulations to our Aussie friend Beyonce for being named Westminster's Best of Breed out of the Australian Shepherds. Beyonce, you're gorgeous! And congratulations to every Aussie (and dogs of any other breed) who competed... you are all very derserving dogs!
   We don't have really much to update, our winter weather is still bad here. We do have an exciting day tomorrow, though - I'm paying a visit to TwinCreek to see the little Stryker x Jamie babies! I can't wait to see them!
   Team Keebler has show fever... who else here is ready for some much warmer and nicer weather?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

this snow is holding us hostage!

   Hi everyone! Hope you're staying safe (and warm!) out there wherever you may be. Here in Darke County, we are getting pounded with ice right now as I'm typing this. Our house lost power for about a half an hour today but luckily our company got it back up and running right away. My grandparents also had a power line fall at their house that caught on fire, but crews were able to get the fire out and the lines back up as quickly as possible. However it did leave them without power for a few hours! My dad went today and got some kerosene, just in case we need to crank the gas heater on! We're hoping that eventually the storm settles, but right now it's looking as if it is nowhere near close to being finished with us. Due to the weather, we've been unable to get in any time at the gym or exercise in general. It's a doozy! I guess my title implies that it "snow" that is holding us hostage, but really it's a lot of ice! The layer of ice that is covering our driveway is already one-inch thick and this storm is still not over... Keebler has been very careful walking outside to potty! We don't want an accident to occur! We'll keep everyone posted on the weather here, but as for an update on Team Keebler, the weather is causing us to have no new news!