Saturday, October 1, 2011

a huge update, since we haven't updated at all!

   Okay everyone, to start this off, I am so very sorry for my huge lack of blogging! School is back in session for the year (I know, I know, that's no excuse) and life has been way crazier than expected. But now, I'm back, and ready to fill everyone in!
   To start this off, I want to start with a little non-show update on the life of Keebler & I. On September 15, Keebler & I lost our buddy and our best friend - my dad's Lab mix, Luke, passed away after a battle with congestive heart failure. He passed very peacefully in the comfort of his own home, leaving our whole family at a loss for words at how much we miss him. When I was ten years old, I joined a local 4-H club here in our hometown with Luke just for fun. However, that small adventure taught me about the world of AKC dog shows and left me dying to know more, hence the reason we brought Keebler into our family in 2004. Luke was an amazing dog and Keebler's best friend. Keebler and Luke have lived in the same kennel since we brought Keebler home; Keebler doesn't even remember life before Luke. It's been very sad for all of us, but especially sad for my dad and for Keebler. Luke can now rest peacefully under a huge shady tree in our backyard and we know that he's a young pup again running like crazy in Heaven through wide open spaces, and jumping over rainbows! Keebler & I miss Luke everyday and we will never forget about him! We want to say thanks to all of you for the thoughts and prayers these past few weeks. We do plan on adopting a rescue puppy in Luke's honor, although no dog will ever be able to replace Luke in our hearts.
   As for shows, we actually haven't done any since Muncie! Which we still need to tell y'all about!  Well, it was a pretty good weekend for us. We won our class of Open Blue Dogs all four days, and finally on Sunday we went Winners Dog/Best of Winners for two more points! Two more points and we will have a champion on our hands! Beside the shows, our other favorite part of the week was hanging out with all of our friends... and doing some pretty crazy stuff... like coning! For all of you out there that don't quite know what that means, just come to a dog show and we'll show you what it's all about!
   Now for another update. This isn't really a "show" update, it's just for fun. Every year our hometown holds a dog festival of sorts called "Dave's Diggity Dog Festival." It's tons of fun, complete with a walk for the dogs, dog vendors, dog sport demonstrations, and even a very unique "dog show!" Just like an AKC show there are seven groups and then a Best In Show. However, it's also very different from an AKC show! It's open to any dogs who would like to participate and the seven groups are Best Markings, Best Eyes, Best Legs, Best Tail, Cutest, Best Costume, and Dog-Owner LookALike. Well, the dog festival was today! Keebler had a lot of fun participating in all of the activities, and he also won Best In Show! Yes, he did! He won the Best Eyes group (considering he has one blue eye and one brown eye) and he also placed Third in the Best Markings group. Then he won Best In Show. Go Team Keebler!