Sunday, December 18, 2011


   This is going to be a very quick blog, but Team Keebler would like to give our HUGE congratulations to our personal friend, AKC GCH Jaset's Satisfaction "London" who just won Best In Show at the 2011 Eukanuba National Championship! London, you performed beautifully as always and we're so proud to call you our friend! We would give you a monster hug next time we see you, but we don't want to squash your amazing hair-do! What an incredible weekend this has been!

Friday, December 2, 2011

a late-night/early-morning blog.

   Helloooo everyone... Wow. So, I haven't updated in nearly a month and feel like our time is SO overdue. So I'm blogging for y'all at 12:47am! Because y'all are really important to me, you know?
   Jumping back to November 20, when Keebler and I attended the Central Ohio Kennel Club show. It's one of the best shows of the year and we were disappointed that we couldn't attend all four days. We were only entered on Sunday, as you know. Well, the day originally pulled a three-point major, and we only need two singles to finish. However, on the day of the show, the major broke and went down to two points. But, alas, we got second place in our class. These last two singles seem like they are going to definitely the most difficult to achieve! We're really proud of our 2011 accomplishments though, and this has definitely been a year we'll never forget.
   Now that the year is winding down to an end, we are preparing for one of our favorite holidays... Christmas, of course! Actually, it snowed for the first time yesterday! Keebler loves snow and was so happy to go outside and run around like a madman in it! Here are a few photos of him in his "winter wonderland."

   Keebler absolutely loves snow! He was so excited to snuff through all of the snow mounds on the ground and try to catch the snowflakes in the air.  We promise to blog more this month, since I'm on my winter break until January. Stay warm & cozy, everyone!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

lots of updates, including win photos!

   Hello everyone... do you feel like we're beginning to become strangers? Sorry for another long timespan without a blog. School for me has been so incredibly busy. Note to self: It's a bad idea to take Microbiology and Biochemistry in the same quarter, and science majors are really difficult. But now we have a weekend off (no studying and no show!) so I finally have the time to sit down and update all of you.
   Okay, so we're backing up all the way to last month at the Mad River Kennel Club shows in Urbana, Ohio. We entered both days, and each day ended up pulling one point. As you know we need two singles to finish... but we went Reserve Winners Dog both days! Oh no! It was a disappointment for us, but honestly Keebler looked a little bald. He blew a lot of coat the week right before. We also entered the Delaware Ohio shows on Sunday only, and it pulled one point. We won our class, but no Winners or Reserve that day. These last two singles feel like they're going to be the hardest to achieve, and here we thought it would be the majors! Our next show is going to be the Columbus Ohio shows, but we're entered only on Sunday. My grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary that weekend! So we will not be able to attend all four days. As of right now Sunday pulled a major, but we have a feeling that will break as we're sure some of the class dogs will finish their championships before we get there. Good luck to everyone entered!
   Now for some win photos we're recently received. You can view an updated photo album of our win photos here:
  Have a great week everyone! Let us know if we'll be seeing you in Columbus, we'd love to catch up with some of our readers that we haven't seen in awhile!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

a huge update, since we haven't updated at all!

   Okay everyone, to start this off, I am so very sorry for my huge lack of blogging! School is back in session for the year (I know, I know, that's no excuse) and life has been way crazier than expected. But now, I'm back, and ready to fill everyone in!
   To start this off, I want to start with a little non-show update on the life of Keebler & I. On September 15, Keebler & I lost our buddy and our best friend - my dad's Lab mix, Luke, passed away after a battle with congestive heart failure. He passed very peacefully in the comfort of his own home, leaving our whole family at a loss for words at how much we miss him. When I was ten years old, I joined a local 4-H club here in our hometown with Luke just for fun. However, that small adventure taught me about the world of AKC dog shows and left me dying to know more, hence the reason we brought Keebler into our family in 2004. Luke was an amazing dog and Keebler's best friend. Keebler and Luke have lived in the same kennel since we brought Keebler home; Keebler doesn't even remember life before Luke. It's been very sad for all of us, but especially sad for my dad and for Keebler. Luke can now rest peacefully under a huge shady tree in our backyard and we know that he's a young pup again running like crazy in Heaven through wide open spaces, and jumping over rainbows! Keebler & I miss Luke everyday and we will never forget about him! We want to say thanks to all of you for the thoughts and prayers these past few weeks. We do plan on adopting a rescue puppy in Luke's honor, although no dog will ever be able to replace Luke in our hearts.
   As for shows, we actually haven't done any since Muncie! Which we still need to tell y'all about!  Well, it was a pretty good weekend for us. We won our class of Open Blue Dogs all four days, and finally on Sunday we went Winners Dog/Best of Winners for two more points! Two more points and we will have a champion on our hands! Beside the shows, our other favorite part of the week was hanging out with all of our friends... and doing some pretty crazy stuff... like coning! For all of you out there that don't quite know what that means, just come to a dog show and we'll show you what it's all about!
   Now for another update. This isn't really a "show" update, it's just for fun. Every year our hometown holds a dog festival of sorts called "Dave's Diggity Dog Festival." It's tons of fun, complete with a walk for the dogs, dog vendors, dog sport demonstrations, and even a very unique "dog show!" Just like an AKC show there are seven groups and then a Best In Show. However, it's also very different from an AKC show! It's open to any dogs who would like to participate and the seven groups are Best Markings, Best Eyes, Best Legs, Best Tail, Cutest, Best Costume, and Dog-Owner LookALike. Well, the dog festival was today! Keebler had a lot of fun participating in all of the activities, and he also won Best In Show! Yes, he did! He won the Best Eyes group (considering he has one blue eye and one brown eye) and he also placed Third in the Best Markings group. Then he won Best In Show. Go Team Keebler!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

tons of updates, since we've been slacking!

   Hey strangers! Sorry it's been quite a long time since we've updated (again)... Sorry! But now we've got time and trust me, we are so ready to tell y'all about our exciting past few weeks!
   So back to July. On July 29 we drove to Marion Ohio to compete for one day at the Dan Emmett Kennel Club show, part of the Harding Classic. Keebler for some reason had blown quite a bit of coat that morning, so I felt a little nervous walking up to the ring. We won our class, but no points or reserve that day.
   Now to the current month: August. On August 3rd we headed out early in the morning for a four-day show, the Steel Valley Cluster in Canfield Ohio. After about a six hour drive, we arrived! Wednesday was our relaxing day, and then Thursday through Sunday it was shows galore! We can honestly say we had four awesome days with awesome judges and awesome people! We placed everyday in our class, we made TONS of new friends, and just had an overall great experience in Canfield. In fact, Friday was the best show yet of our career! We not only won our class, but went Winners Dog over 16 dogs for a 4pt major! That is Keebler's second major, so he's currently on the hot track to completing his AKC championship. He only needs four singles to finish! Woo hoo! It was an amazing feeling and a day we will never forget!
   We don't have any pictures from Friday when we got our major, but we do have a few pictures from the Sunday show. Enjoy! Oh and our next show is in Muncie Indiana at the Iced Tea Cluster. We'll be there all four days! Hope to see some of you there!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

nothin' special.. just an update : )

   Hi everyone! We haven't been to any shows since Lima (and it's been a long few weeks, we miss showing so much!) but right now we're getting ready for the Harding Classic, Steel Valley Cluster, and Iced Tea Cluster! We'll be attending the Harding Classic on Friday only, the Steel Valley Cluster all four days, and the Iced Tea Cluster all four days. Our entries haven't been put in yet for the Iced Tea Cluster, but we know that we'll be there.
   So a little update about the Keebsman himself! Yesterday he went to his Veterinarian and received all of his shots! He was a very good boy and Dr. Gilbert gave him lots of yummy treats when he was finished. Then tonight we brushed Keebler's teeth and filed his nails (just the usual everyday catch-up type of stuff) and we went outside and did a little bit of training. It's been really hard to train lately with the huge heatwave that has hit western Ohio. We've tried to go out as much as we usually do, but it has been much too hard to work in that type of heat, especially with Keebler's thick fur coat. Tonight went well though, we were a little sluggish but luckily the Harding Classic is all indoors for us!
   After we got done training, we decided to go behind the big shady area behind my dad's garage shop and do something fun - play Fetch! It was so much fun! Keebler has a little pink rubber ball that his Aunt Kelsey gave him from a McDonald's Happy Meal, and we used it to play Fetch. We played and ran around until we were exhausted! It was so much fun! That just goes to show that show dogs are just like pets - they are loved by their owners and although they may be busier and have to be a little more cautious than a pet dog, they still get to have fun too!
   Well, wish us luck for Friday! Of course we will update after the show. Oh, and we are still awaiting our Lima win photos from Booth Photography. We'll post them once they're in!

Monday, July 11, 2011

its been so long... but i finally have pictures from lima!

   Ahhh! I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long! I didn't keep y'all updated on our little two-week progress to the Lima shows. Sorry everyone!
   So a quick wrap-up of Lima.. It was great! We had never been to these shows before and the grounds where the show is located every year is so nice! Despite the great location, it was also a great show weekend. Keebler went Winners Dog/Best of Opposite Sex all three days! Three more points towards his championship, yay! We're very pleased with how the weekend went. It was also a lot of fun hanging out with our friends, Melissa and Megan all weekend with their two dogs Violet and Frankie. FYI - the three of us are in the process of making plans for International in Chicago this coming winter!
   Okay, so here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Haha, I had Keebler's hot dogs in my tote and he was creeping on them!

Keebler wins his Open Blue Merle class!

Keebler in the Winners Dog ring.

Keebler goes Winners Dog... run Keebler run!

In the breed ring.

Keebler and I with our two friends, Melissa and Violet. Keebler went Winners Dog/Best of Opposite Sex and Violet went Winners Bitch/Best of Winners on Saturday, only to have a total repeat of their great results on Sunday!

Two very good dogs!

Freestacked in the breed ring on Sunday.

Win photos will be posted as soon as we receive them in the mail!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

one of our favorite shows of the year, now come & gone

   Hello once again, everyone!
   Well, the Echo Hills Kennel Club show has now come and gone. It was a good weekend overall! No points over the weekend (we got second place in our Open Blue Merle class both days) but we definitely can say we had a lot of fun! We'd like to send out a special "thank you" to Randy Byrd & Sue Anderson for "adopting" us for the weekend... it was a lot of fun, guys, thanks!  We also enjoyed meeting some of the staff from Eukanuba - what nice people!
   We don't really have much to update. Keebler has blown a lot of coat and lost weight for the summer, but we're working on getting some of the weight back for Lima here next weekend. Hopefully we're successful!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 days until one of our favorite shows of the year!

   Well, I'm typing this blog after a failed training session we attempted to complete this morning - Keebler did great, but it is way too hot outside to be running around in circles! Poor Keebler was dragging himself around and I was sweating bullets, so we decided to call it quits and head inside for some cooler air and a big drink of water.
   So everyone - let the countdown begin for the Echo Hills show in Troy Ohio! This is one of our favorite show weekends of the whole year. Echo Hills is a very people (and dog!) friendly kennel club and the show is always fun. This is the weekend of the year we also get to re-unite with old friends and see some people we haven't seen in a while. We also love Echo Hills because in June 2006, we received Winners Dog for 1pt our very first day out in the "real" show ring! Going back to Echo Hills always brings back so many good memories, and it's always just a good time. Our Friday night will feel a little off since this is the first year we will not be competing in the Sanctioned Match - no dogs with majors are allowed to compete, so we're out of the running! But hey, since it's because we have a major towards a championship - we'll gratefully accept the fact we'll be sitting on the sidelines this year!
   Now I'm going to close this blog so I can head off to the gym. My last day of school for the summer was yesterday, so let the fun and dog shows begin!

Monday, May 30, 2011

finally, some photos from fort st clair!

   Okay, so I'm pretty sure I can get this photo thing down now that I have an idea as to what I'm doing! Sorry this took so long! I feel bad, I'm just now getting photos up and our next show is a mere 19 days away. These photos are from Sunday only since my "official photographer" (aka my dad!) wasn't able to go with me on Saturday.

Keebler is at the dog show!

In the ring for Open Blue Merle Male.

Going around! Go Keebler go!

Final photo right before receiving Winners Dog for a 3-point major!

In the breed ring... "Are you stacked, Keebs?"

Going around one last time for the day.

TwinCreeks Best Of EL Fudge RN AKCmjrptd "Keebler"
Winners Dog - Fort St Clair Kennel Club
Bred by Amy L Loy & Mark A Loy of TwinCreek Australian Shepherds
Owned & Handled by Cierra J Wolfe
Thank you, Judge Marian Johnson Your!

Monday, May 23, 2011

oops, another quick sidenote to our previous blog!

   Haha, I forgot to mention to you guys that I'm currently in the process of trying to figure out how to upload pictures for everyone to see! I'm currently on a computer at school, but eventually when I get to my laptop where my pictures are all saved I'm going to try to figure it out. I tried a few weeks ago with no success, so keep checking back!

just a routine check-in!

   Hi everyone, sorry for the massive lack of blogging. Things have been super crazy busy here in western Ohio with preparation for the end of my sophomore year of college. It's so crazy how quickly time flies by really, it seems like just yesterday I was walking across the podium to get my high school diploma! And now here I am, about a third of the way done with college.
   In all honesty Team Keebler has been on a break with all this studying I've been doing for my anatomy class. Our first priority always is grooming, which I try to keep up on as much as I can. I've been spending most of my time down here at school while Keebler has been at home chilling out at the Wolfe Estate, so we haven't accomplished as much grooming and training as I'd like to. I was home on Saturday and the day was gorgeous, so we went out for some routine training to keep our brains fresh and on their game! It started out great, but not very long into our training session it got so hot for both of us that we ended up quitting early! No need to spend a ton of time out of the harsh heat, especially with shedding season coming into play. Plus I don't ever want Keebler to ever get dehydrated or sick, so I try to keep him in the cool without getting his muscles too chilled. My main concern during this time of the year is always to keep Keebler healthy, even if it means he may lose more coat that some of his fellow competitors.
   Lately Keebler has found a new hobby that he loves - laying under the shade of a tree! I swear, that dog could lay out in the cool shade under the sunshine from breakfast until dinnertime. He loves to be outdoors, but who doesn't? Like I've always told Keebs, "There is no reason to be cooped up inside while the weather outside is perfectly fine!" Although we both love the sunshine, we aren't too fond of the sticky heat! My mom and dad just bought a new really nice porch swing for our deck, so usually at night before bed Keebler and I sit out there and enjoy the breeze. I love the swing, but Keebler isn't to sure of why his mommy is moving back and forth while he is trying to get a pat on the head!
   That's really all I have for now guys - our next show is in mid-June, so I'm sure once school lets out I'll have much more to say.

Monday, May 2, 2011

our first wkd back in the ring was amazing!

   Hello all you readers out there... ready for an update about our first weekend back in the ring? Because we sure are ready to tell you!
   Saturday was really nerve-racking for us. We couldn't believe the moment was finally here for us to get back out there in the breed ring, it felt so crazy! We were pretty shaky out there, and regardless we weren't exactly what the judge was looking for, so we were placed 4th in our Open Blue Merle Male class... but that's okay! Another day, another dog show!
   On Sunday we felt a little more relaxed but still nervous. After hours of preparation and grooming, we went up to the ring and got out there again... only this time, the results were much better! We were placed 1st in our Open Blue Merle Male class, only to go right back in to the Winners Dog ring. Keebler seemed pretty relaxed going in for Winners Dog, but I was so so nervous! Still, I was proud that we had come as far as we did and I knew I'd be happy whatever the outcome would be. So we went out there and did our best... and clearly it really was our best, because we were awarded Winners Dog for a 3pt major! Thank you, judge Marian Your! It was an amazing day for us, we really couldn't have asked for better!
   So our decision has been made - we will be showing full-time this summer, only to take a three-week break in July to enjoy some of the summer sunshine out on the deck by the pool. We are very very happy with our decision and we're hoping to pick up some more points this summer, but more importantly, we want to have some more fun out there!
   Thank you to all of our readers and followers... y'all are awesome!

Friday, April 29, 2011

tomorrow is the big day!

   Well, here we are... after all these past months of hard work, practice, and a lot of dedication, we're finally able to say that our first show back is TOMORROW! It's so crazy, time has gone so fast. It seems that the older I get, the faster time goes by.
   Today Keebler got a thorough bath and a lot of minor things like trimming, nail filing, etc. At this point we are pretty much ready to go! Just some minor touch-ups we will need to do tomorrow at the showgrounds and we'll be set! Aussies are showing tomorrow between 10 and 11 in the morning. You can follow us on Twitter (cw_teamkeebler) for updates throughout the day... we'll be tweeting!
   This morning Keebler & I enjoyed snuggling in bed and watching the Royal Wedding... did anyone else get up (or stay up late!) to see it? We woke up at 5:30 this morning to watch Princess Kate walk into Westminster Abbey. What a gorgeous dress! It was such a lovely wedding and we loved feeling as if we were actually there to witness a Royal Marriage!
   We hope all of you will have a good weekend! We'll blog later with our results!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

our wkd of grooming, & a new way to keep in touch with us.

   Happy Monday to all of our readers! Well, as happy a Monday as Monday can get, right? Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend!
   Our Easter weekend was spent at our home in Greenville to prepare for next weekend. It was one major grooming session for most of the weekend! We love all of our new Chris Christensen products, and our fun Herbal Essences products, too! Everything ran smoothly and went very well, we're very pleased. At the end of the weekend, Keebler looked absolutely beautiful. We are so excited for next weekend to get here! We still can't believe how quickly time has flown by, and now our big weekend is almost here. Start counting down the days, everyone!
   On another little sidenote: I am currently in the process of trying to set-up a mobile account on our Twitter page. It's a little difficult right now because I'm at college and our library is way underground and has no service. However, by the end of tonight, it will be set-up, so if you have a Twitter account and would like to follow us, our username is cw_teamkeebler. We look forward to seeing what all of you out there are up to, too!
   Five days, everyone!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

only one week left... my, how time has flown by!

   Okay everyone, Team Keebler cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by since we started this blog. Our first weekend back is only a week away now! It seems like just last week it was snowing outside and we were wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas," and now here we are with spring weather and a show coming up in exactly one week.
   Today we did a huge "trial run" of clipping, bath, etc.  We love all of our new Chris Christensen products we just received via UPS from  Thanks guys, for making Team Keebler gorgeous!  Everything from training to bathing is going really well for us, and although we're nervous, we feel ready and prepared for the weekend ahead!  Stay posted as we update you on everything that will be going on for the next week before our big weekend out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a bit of training.

   Hi everyone! What is everyone thinking about all this nice weather we've had lately? Well despite some of the heavy rain of course... Team Keebler is loving this streak of warm weather! We definitely feel like our time has come for a lot more running, walking, and just being outside in the sunshine!
   First off, my apologies to anyone who has tried calling or shooting me a text message these past few days. Keebler and I were trying to enjoy the first really warm day of the year on Sunday by laying out on the deck. I had my phone in my hand while laying out and a wasp came down and stung my hand, causing me to panic and toss my phone right into the pool. Blech! It's been out of service since then, but I actually got it to start working last night. However, I had 127 unread text messages and I couldn't get through every single one of them. Sorry everyone! Remember, another way of contacting us is through our email,
   Anyways, the main point of this blog was to tell y'all that Team Keebler did some ring training tonight! We went back to where we started, our local 4-H club, and worked with my long-time advisors (and other set of parents sometimes!) Ed & Susie. Things went a little sluggish because of the heat, and plus, well, let's just say Keebler was extremely excited to see Ed & Susie again since he hasn't seen them for a while now. He loves them like crazy! We're going to continue to go back and keep on keeping on!
   Hope everyone is having an awesome time getting pumped up for some summer sunshine, Team Keebler certainly is!

Friday, April 1, 2011

a little april update!

   Finally everyone, April is here! Yay! Team Keebler has 30 days left before their first show back, so we're really getting down to business now! Luckily the weather is warming up (slowly but surely) so we're able to go on more walks and runs now. Not much has been happening except for a lot more grooming and training... keep checking back because I'm sure in this next month before our big weekend out we will have a lot to update!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

we're stuck in colder weather...

   Well everyone, today's weather here in Ohio was a big disappointment for Team Keebler. Just when the weather was starting to warm up, we get more snow! We were both looking forward to going on more morning runs with the warmer weather that we thought was here to stay, but it looks like we won't be able to go run for a few more mornings, it is just too cold!
   Luckily my winter quarter classes in college come to an end next week... Yay! Spring break week is the beginning of even more massive training. I cut my spring quarter schedule down to only 12 credit hours instead of 18, which leaves us even more time to train. We're planning on many more hours out running, even more time in the gym, and a lot more hard grooming. So stay tuned everyone, I'm sure we will have more updates in the near future as far as training goes!

Monday, February 28, 2011

the Eukanuba 28-day challenge.

   As most of you dog lovers out there may have heard, Eukanuba dog foods has had a bit of a "challenge" going on.  Recently, Eukanuba advertised a new "trial run" of sorts for dog owners who just felt like their dog wasn't really getting the maximum benefits that it could from its dog food.  The company told owners to buy their dog any brand of Eukanuba dog food and feed it to their dog for 28 days, and if the results for their dog weren't better, they would give the owner a 110% refund on what they paid for the food.  I mean really, it doesn't seem like a bad idea... what do we have to lose, right?
   Now Keebler and I technically didn't participate in this challenge, only because we had participated in our own challenge similar to this with Eukanuba food a few months ago.  However, I'd still like to share the outcome of what we found by feeding Eukanuba.
   Over the summer, I noticed Keebler losing quite a bit of weight at a rapid pace.  We fed him a great dog food, but for some reason he couldn't seem to keep weight on.  After multiple trips to his veterinarian, everyone thought maybe he had just been running outside too much and we all thought it was possible he would gain the weight back by fall.  Well, when fall came, things had actually gotten worse.  Not only was every rib on Keebler visible, but he was also losing his hair and becoming very lethargic.  For a very energetic dog, he didn't seem to have any interest in playing with his toys or going for walks like he had in the past.  But no matter how many times he took a trip to his vet, everything technically was coming up normal, like he was a perfectly healthy dog.
   Due to Keebler's weight and hair loss, we had to postpone our journey to get back into the show ring again, and I was very upset because no one could seem to find the answer as to why he looked and felt so awful.  Then while I was on the phone with one of the friends I met showing dogs, she told me to try switching his dog food to a Eukanuba Performance ration.  At first I thought that was out of the question - I had fed all of my dogs Iams their whole lives, which is a very good food, and up to this point none of my dogs had ever had a problem.  But seeing as I had tried everything else, I decided that this change couldn't hurt.  I did some research on Eukanuba's website and decided on Eukanuba Active Performance.
   After buying the food, I could tell it was good stuff before I even gave Keebler his first bowl of it.  It didn't have a bunch of colors and dyes thrown into it to make it "look better" and it didn't leave a greasy residue on my hands.  It was a little bit smaller morsels than what Keebler was used to, but it was still crunchy to help clean his teeth aside from when I brush and polish his teeth.  It wasn't soft and chewy, and it didn't look at all like it contained a lot of harmful fats in it.  And after Keebler had his first bowl of it, he seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed himself!
   I fed Keebler one cup in the morning and another cup at night, and within a week I could see positive results.  Keebler was getting that thin but healthy layer of fat around his ribcage, and his attitude was starting to be more energetic like he had been in the past.  In two weeks, the hair on his stomach and legs was starting to grow and thicken up again.  After just three weeks, his weight was back to normal and he was always eager to go for a walk in the afternoon.  And finally, after just four weeks of feeding him this ration, his coat was stunningly gorgeous and he found more enjoyment in running than in walking.  He was back to his normal self and I couldn't have been happier!
   I've continued to feed Keebler Eukanuba Active Performance, considering that starting in April/May he will be a performance dog again.  Not only is he in amazing shape, he's in better shape than he's ever been.  Feeding him Eukanuba turned out to be a miracle and I am so happy... and my dog is happy, too!  I've been working with dogs since I was ten years old, I've shown in AKC since I was fifteen years old, and I also worked for a vet in high school.  I've been around and personally worked with tons and tons of different dogs and dog foods in my lifetime, and I would recommend Eukanuba to anyone.
   So thank you, Eukanuba Team, for researching canine health and continuing to come out with better and better products for our dogs that we love so much.  Just when we all think you're at your highest point, you prove us wrong and come out with something that's even better!   Eukanuba really is that one little difference between "better" and "best," and as far as I'm concerned, I want Keebler to be the "best" dog he can possibly be!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

post-westminster, & a late-night blog.

   Hello everyone! As you can see, this a very late-night blog, but we feel awful because we haven't given you guys any updates for a while!
   Of course, we want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the Best In Show winner of Westminster, Hickory the Scottish Deerhound! It was a very unexpected win, but an extremely well-deserved one. Congrats, Hickory, you are beautiful!
   Also, congratulations to our Aussie friend Beyonce for being named Westminster's Best of Breed out of the Australian Shepherds. Beyonce, you're gorgeous! And congratulations to every Aussie (and dogs of any other breed) who competed... you are all very derserving dogs!
   We don't have really much to update, our winter weather is still bad here. We do have an exciting day tomorrow, though - I'm paying a visit to TwinCreek to see the little Stryker x Jamie babies! I can't wait to see them!
   Team Keebler has show fever... who else here is ready for some much warmer and nicer weather?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

this snow is holding us hostage!

   Hi everyone! Hope you're staying safe (and warm!) out there wherever you may be. Here in Darke County, we are getting pounded with ice right now as I'm typing this. Our house lost power for about a half an hour today but luckily our company got it back up and running right away. My grandparents also had a power line fall at their house that caught on fire, but crews were able to get the fire out and the lines back up as quickly as possible. However it did leave them without power for a few hours! My dad went today and got some kerosene, just in case we need to crank the gas heater on! We're hoping that eventually the storm settles, but right now it's looking as if it is nowhere near close to being finished with us. Due to the weather, we've been unable to get in any time at the gym or exercise in general. It's a doozy! I guess my title implies that it "snow" that is holding us hostage, but really it's a lot of ice! The layer of ice that is covering our driveway is already one-inch thick and this storm is still not over... Keebler has been very careful walking outside to potty! We don't want an accident to occur! We'll keep everyone posted on the weather here, but as for an update on Team Keebler, the weather is causing us to have no new news!

Monday, January 24, 2011

everything is pink!

   Hi everyone!  This blog entry is a little bit of a fun one and is based all on Team Keebler's favorite color... PINK!
   First and foremost, we had a BLAST watching the AKC Eukanuba National Championship aire yesterday on ABC.  Even though we already knew who won and placed in all of the groups & who got Best In Show, we still loved watching it!  Again, our congratulations to CH Propwash Reckon, the Australian Shepherd who exampled our breed and took Best In Show in Long Beach - the first ever herding dog to win Best In Show! Congrats Reckon, we're proud of you!  Keebler and I love the color of Eukanuba pink!
   Secondly, we finally got everything switched over from our old ratty cracked Metro into our new pink tack box.  We love it!  It's very spacious and holds everything we own!  We also had a little bit of a clean-out session and got rid of some tools we no longer use.  We're only missing one thing... all of my doggy dental hygiene tools!  Although I am fairly sure I left them in a pocket of my apron last time I cleaned Keebler's teeth.
   Now on a "no-longer-pink" note, while I was cleaning out my old Metro I found the first choker Keebler wore at his first puppy match... It's so tiny!  I remember I bought him a gold one for "good luck" and so I would always remember that it was his first choker.  I can't believe how big he has gotten since he first wore that choker!  It's so cute and little and it's still attached to his first show lead, too.
   Well that is all from us tonight!  We're waiting for this weather to get better so we can go out on a run!

Monday, January 17, 2011

finally.. a big update!

   Hello everyone! Well, finally, we have some big updates to share with all of you!
   We have officially created our show schedule for Spring/Summer/Early Fall of 2011. However, we are keeping it "hush-hush" for now until the time gets closer.  But yes, it is finally official and finalized!  We are very very excited for the time to come, but it's going to take even more work than we've already been putting in! As a "pre-show" present, I ordered a brand new hot pink tack box off of our favorite online dog show outlet...! It should be here by the end of the weekend! We were in desperate need of one, as our old silver Metro got its top cracked after a grooming table fell on it while traveling last year.
   This weekend is going to be a major grooming session for Keebler... He is getting "the works!" We will let you know how it goes, and we are getting more excited by the minute. We know that as each minute passes, we are one minute closer to being back in the world where we belong!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a much-needed blog... wow!

   Hello hello everyone! My apologies for the lack of blogging! These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy with the holidays and the beginning of my winter quarter at school.
   Keebler and I hope everyone in our circle of friends had a very happy Christmastime, and we hope you were able to celebrate it with your family and friends.  We had a very joyful Christmas with our family, although at moments it was bittersweet in remembrance of Uncle Tom who we lost in May of last year.  Keebler celebrated the holidays in style with a new hot pink polka dot matching collar and leash set, and a new squeaky skunk in his mouth!  That is the only skunk we are letting him play with after his little "all-nighter" incident this past fall!
   We also hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years, and rang in 2011 with style!  Here is it everyone, this is our year.  The year we'll get back out there and have the time of our lives.  We are very excited for this time to come, but we still have a lot of work to do.  Getting back into that perfect "shape" to be out there isn't easy for either of us, but we are slowly pulling everything together.  I've been working on a 2011 schedule for us, but nothing will be released until it is set in stone.  We hope everyone out there is looking forward to 2011 just as much as we are!  Keep your head held high, but your dreams held higher.
   Just a little "fun fact" of what Keebler and I have been up to lately - Well, my school has started once again.  Winter quarter is always the worst because of the bad roads and the weather, it always feels like it is never going to end.  On Mondays, I don't have school but everyone in the house goes back to their weekly routines.  So every Monday morning now for about an hour after everyone goes back to work and school, Keebler and I have our "morning snuggle time" where he hops up in my bed with me while I read or study or sleep, basically whatever I feel like doing.  We both always look forward to it because it's so peaceful for both of us!  But then it's back to work and back into the gym for the remainder of the day.
   Again everyone, sorry for the delay in blogging.  Things have been busy around the Wolfe Ranch, but they are now starting to slow down and all of the "holiday-new-year craziness" is settling and getting back to normal.  Good luck to everyone at meeting their New Years endeavors!  We're rooting for all of you, just like we hope you all continue to root for us.