Monday, January 24, 2011

everything is pink!

   Hi everyone!  This blog entry is a little bit of a fun one and is based all on Team Keebler's favorite color... PINK!
   First and foremost, we had a BLAST watching the AKC Eukanuba National Championship aire yesterday on ABC.  Even though we already knew who won and placed in all of the groups & who got Best In Show, we still loved watching it!  Again, our congratulations to CH Propwash Reckon, the Australian Shepherd who exampled our breed and took Best In Show in Long Beach - the first ever herding dog to win Best In Show! Congrats Reckon, we're proud of you!  Keebler and I love the color of Eukanuba pink!
   Secondly, we finally got everything switched over from our old ratty cracked Metro into our new pink tack box.  We love it!  It's very spacious and holds everything we own!  We also had a little bit of a clean-out session and got rid of some tools we no longer use.  We're only missing one thing... all of my doggy dental hygiene tools!  Although I am fairly sure I left them in a pocket of my apron last time I cleaned Keebler's teeth.
   Now on a "no-longer-pink" note, while I was cleaning out my old Metro I found the first choker Keebler wore at his first puppy match... It's so tiny!  I remember I bought him a gold one for "good luck" and so I would always remember that it was his first choker.  I can't believe how big he has gotten since he first wore that choker!  It's so cute and little and it's still attached to his first show lead, too.
   Well that is all from us tonight!  We're waiting for this weather to get better so we can go out on a run!

Monday, January 17, 2011

finally.. a big update!

   Hello everyone! Well, finally, we have some big updates to share with all of you!
   We have officially created our show schedule for Spring/Summer/Early Fall of 2011. However, we are keeping it "hush-hush" for now until the time gets closer.  But yes, it is finally official and finalized!  We are very very excited for the time to come, but it's going to take even more work than we've already been putting in! As a "pre-show" present, I ordered a brand new hot pink tack box off of our favorite online dog show outlet...! It should be here by the end of the weekend! We were in desperate need of one, as our old silver Metro got its top cracked after a grooming table fell on it while traveling last year.
   This weekend is going to be a major grooming session for Keebler... He is getting "the works!" We will let you know how it goes, and we are getting more excited by the minute. We know that as each minute passes, we are one minute closer to being back in the world where we belong!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a much-needed blog... wow!

   Hello hello everyone! My apologies for the lack of blogging! These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy with the holidays and the beginning of my winter quarter at school.
   Keebler and I hope everyone in our circle of friends had a very happy Christmastime, and we hope you were able to celebrate it with your family and friends.  We had a very joyful Christmas with our family, although at moments it was bittersweet in remembrance of Uncle Tom who we lost in May of last year.  Keebler celebrated the holidays in style with a new hot pink polka dot matching collar and leash set, and a new squeaky skunk in his mouth!  That is the only skunk we are letting him play with after his little "all-nighter" incident this past fall!
   We also hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years, and rang in 2011 with style!  Here is it everyone, this is our year.  The year we'll get back out there and have the time of our lives.  We are very excited for this time to come, but we still have a lot of work to do.  Getting back into that perfect "shape" to be out there isn't easy for either of us, but we are slowly pulling everything together.  I've been working on a 2011 schedule for us, but nothing will be released until it is set in stone.  We hope everyone out there is looking forward to 2011 just as much as we are!  Keep your head held high, but your dreams held higher.
   Just a little "fun fact" of what Keebler and I have been up to lately - Well, my school has started once again.  Winter quarter is always the worst because of the bad roads and the weather, it always feels like it is never going to end.  On Mondays, I don't have school but everyone in the house goes back to their weekly routines.  So every Monday morning now for about an hour after everyone goes back to work and school, Keebler and I have our "morning snuggle time" where he hops up in my bed with me while I read or study or sleep, basically whatever I feel like doing.  We both always look forward to it because it's so peaceful for both of us!  But then it's back to work and back into the gym for the remainder of the day.
   Again everyone, sorry for the delay in blogging.  Things have been busy around the Wolfe Ranch, but they are now starting to slow down and all of the "holiday-new-year craziness" is settling and getting back to normal.  Good luck to everyone at meeting their New Years endeavors!  We're rooting for all of you, just like we hope you all continue to root for us.