Monday, May 30, 2011

finally, some photos from fort st clair!

   Okay, so I'm pretty sure I can get this photo thing down now that I have an idea as to what I'm doing! Sorry this took so long! I feel bad, I'm just now getting photos up and our next show is a mere 19 days away. These photos are from Sunday only since my "official photographer" (aka my dad!) wasn't able to go with me on Saturday.

Keebler is at the dog show!

In the ring for Open Blue Merle Male.

Going around! Go Keebler go!

Final photo right before receiving Winners Dog for a 3-point major!

In the breed ring... "Are you stacked, Keebs?"

Going around one last time for the day.

TwinCreeks Best Of EL Fudge RN AKCmjrptd "Keebler"
Winners Dog - Fort St Clair Kennel Club
Bred by Amy L Loy & Mark A Loy of TwinCreek Australian Shepherds
Owned & Handled by Cierra J Wolfe
Thank you, Judge Marian Johnson Your!

Monday, May 23, 2011

oops, another quick sidenote to our previous blog!

   Haha, I forgot to mention to you guys that I'm currently in the process of trying to figure out how to upload pictures for everyone to see! I'm currently on a computer at school, but eventually when I get to my laptop where my pictures are all saved I'm going to try to figure it out. I tried a few weeks ago with no success, so keep checking back!

just a routine check-in!

   Hi everyone, sorry for the massive lack of blogging. Things have been super crazy busy here in western Ohio with preparation for the end of my sophomore year of college. It's so crazy how quickly time flies by really, it seems like just yesterday I was walking across the podium to get my high school diploma! And now here I am, about a third of the way done with college.
   In all honesty Team Keebler has been on a break with all this studying I've been doing for my anatomy class. Our first priority always is grooming, which I try to keep up on as much as I can. I've been spending most of my time down here at school while Keebler has been at home chilling out at the Wolfe Estate, so we haven't accomplished as much grooming and training as I'd like to. I was home on Saturday and the day was gorgeous, so we went out for some routine training to keep our brains fresh and on their game! It started out great, but not very long into our training session it got so hot for both of us that we ended up quitting early! No need to spend a ton of time out of the harsh heat, especially with shedding season coming into play. Plus I don't ever want Keebler to ever get dehydrated or sick, so I try to keep him in the cool without getting his muscles too chilled. My main concern during this time of the year is always to keep Keebler healthy, even if it means he may lose more coat that some of his fellow competitors.
   Lately Keebler has found a new hobby that he loves - laying under the shade of a tree! I swear, that dog could lay out in the cool shade under the sunshine from breakfast until dinnertime. He loves to be outdoors, but who doesn't? Like I've always told Keebs, "There is no reason to be cooped up inside while the weather outside is perfectly fine!" Although we both love the sunshine, we aren't too fond of the sticky heat! My mom and dad just bought a new really nice porch swing for our deck, so usually at night before bed Keebler and I sit out there and enjoy the breeze. I love the swing, but Keebler isn't to sure of why his mommy is moving back and forth while he is trying to get a pat on the head!
   That's really all I have for now guys - our next show is in mid-June, so I'm sure once school lets out I'll have much more to say.

Monday, May 2, 2011

our first wkd back in the ring was amazing!

   Hello all you readers out there... ready for an update about our first weekend back in the ring? Because we sure are ready to tell you!
   Saturday was really nerve-racking for us. We couldn't believe the moment was finally here for us to get back out there in the breed ring, it felt so crazy! We were pretty shaky out there, and regardless we weren't exactly what the judge was looking for, so we were placed 4th in our Open Blue Merle Male class... but that's okay! Another day, another dog show!
   On Sunday we felt a little more relaxed but still nervous. After hours of preparation and grooming, we went up to the ring and got out there again... only this time, the results were much better! We were placed 1st in our Open Blue Merle Male class, only to go right back in to the Winners Dog ring. Keebler seemed pretty relaxed going in for Winners Dog, but I was so so nervous! Still, I was proud that we had come as far as we did and I knew I'd be happy whatever the outcome would be. So we went out there and did our best... and clearly it really was our best, because we were awarded Winners Dog for a 3pt major! Thank you, judge Marian Your! It was an amazing day for us, we really couldn't have asked for better!
   So our decision has been made - we will be showing full-time this summer, only to take a three-week break in July to enjoy some of the summer sunshine out on the deck by the pool. We are very very happy with our decision and we're hoping to pick up some more points this summer, but more importantly, we want to have some more fun out there!
   Thank you to all of our readers and followers... y'all are awesome!