Tuesday, July 26, 2011

nothin' special.. just an update : )

   Hi everyone! We haven't been to any shows since Lima (and it's been a long few weeks, we miss showing so much!) but right now we're getting ready for the Harding Classic, Steel Valley Cluster, and Iced Tea Cluster! We'll be attending the Harding Classic on Friday only, the Steel Valley Cluster all four days, and the Iced Tea Cluster all four days. Our entries haven't been put in yet for the Iced Tea Cluster, but we know that we'll be there.
   So a little update about the Keebsman himself! Yesterday he went to his Veterinarian and received all of his shots! He was a very good boy and Dr. Gilbert gave him lots of yummy treats when he was finished. Then tonight we brushed Keebler's teeth and filed his nails (just the usual everyday catch-up type of stuff) and we went outside and did a little bit of training. It's been really hard to train lately with the huge heatwave that has hit western Ohio. We've tried to go out as much as we usually do, but it has been much too hard to work in that type of heat, especially with Keebler's thick fur coat. Tonight went well though, we were a little sluggish but luckily the Harding Classic is all indoors for us!
   After we got done training, we decided to go behind the big shady area behind my dad's garage shop and do something fun - play Fetch! It was so much fun! Keebler has a little pink rubber ball that his Aunt Kelsey gave him from a McDonald's Happy Meal, and we used it to play Fetch. We played and ran around until we were exhausted! It was so much fun! That just goes to show that show dogs are just like pets - they are loved by their owners and although they may be busier and have to be a little more cautious than a pet dog, they still get to have fun too!
   Well, wish us luck for Friday! Of course we will update after the show. Oh, and we are still awaiting our Lima win photos from Booth Photography. We'll post them once they're in!

Monday, July 11, 2011

its been so long... but i finally have pictures from lima!

   Ahhh! I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long! I didn't keep y'all updated on our little two-week progress to the Lima shows. Sorry everyone!
   So a quick wrap-up of Lima.. It was great! We had never been to these shows before and the grounds where the show is located every year is so nice! Despite the great location, it was also a great show weekend. Keebler went Winners Dog/Best of Opposite Sex all three days! Three more points towards his championship, yay! We're very pleased with how the weekend went. It was also a lot of fun hanging out with our friends, Melissa and Megan all weekend with their two dogs Violet and Frankie. FYI - the three of us are in the process of making plans for International in Chicago this coming winter!
   Okay, so here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Haha, I had Keebler's hot dogs in my tote and he was creeping on them!

Keebler wins his Open Blue Merle class!

Keebler in the Winners Dog ring.

Keebler goes Winners Dog... run Keebler run!

In the breed ring.

Keebler and I with our two friends, Melissa and Violet. Keebler went Winners Dog/Best of Opposite Sex and Violet went Winners Bitch/Best of Winners on Saturday, only to have a total repeat of their great results on Sunday!

Two very good dogs!

Freestacked in the breed ring on Sunday.

Win photos will be posted as soon as we receive them in the mail!