Monday, January 2, 2012

2012... It's here!

Hi everyone! Well, here we all are, welcoming 2012 with open arms. This is going to be a great year for dog shows... We can feel it!
First off, I am blogging tonight on my iPad. So sorry in advance for any weirdness. I'm still learning how to work it!
Did everyone have a good Christmas? Team Keebler sure did! It was full of family, laughs, and making memories to last a lifetime, all while celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It's our favorite holiday! And for Keebler, all of his new toys were an added bonus!
Okay, now for some "Congratulations" to some of our friends who competed at the 2011 Eukanuba Nationals. As we mentioned in our last blog, big big big congratulations to London, who proudly earned Best In Show at Nationals this year! It was an awesome feeling watching one of our friends take home the top prize! Also, congratulations to our close friends Taylor & Cosmo, CT & Glen, and Kristin & Cruiser for their 2 3 4 placements (respectively) in the Junior Handling finals! We're proud of all three of you teams and wish you NOTHING but the best for 2012!
So since the new year has begun, I've been working hard on our kennel, and on Keebler! The first day of 2012 started off with Keebler getting a bath and a deep-conditioning treatment and of course the daily everyday grooming stuff. Then today I spent hours cleaning! I'm sure I really looked like something else in my muck boots, half-bleached jeans, and hoodie while on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor! Of course, Keebler watched to make sure I was doing it right, all while napping and snacking!
Now for a show update, we'll be in Tallmadge this weekend, all three days. Are any of you going? We're looking forward to spending the weekend with our friend Lexi and her dogs Roary, Casey, and Bikini! Ahhhh, the first dog show of 2012. Bring it on!