Sunday, August 14, 2011

tons of updates, since we've been slacking!

   Hey strangers! Sorry it's been quite a long time since we've updated (again)... Sorry! But now we've got time and trust me, we are so ready to tell y'all about our exciting past few weeks!
   So back to July. On July 29 we drove to Marion Ohio to compete for one day at the Dan Emmett Kennel Club show, part of the Harding Classic. Keebler for some reason had blown quite a bit of coat that morning, so I felt a little nervous walking up to the ring. We won our class, but no points or reserve that day.
   Now to the current month: August. On August 3rd we headed out early in the morning for a four-day show, the Steel Valley Cluster in Canfield Ohio. After about a six hour drive, we arrived! Wednesday was our relaxing day, and then Thursday through Sunday it was shows galore! We can honestly say we had four awesome days with awesome judges and awesome people! We placed everyday in our class, we made TONS of new friends, and just had an overall great experience in Canfield. In fact, Friday was the best show yet of our career! We not only won our class, but went Winners Dog over 16 dogs for a 4pt major! That is Keebler's second major, so he's currently on the hot track to completing his AKC championship. He only needs four singles to finish! Woo hoo! It was an amazing feeling and a day we will never forget!
   We don't have any pictures from Friday when we got our major, but we do have a few pictures from the Sunday show. Enjoy! Oh and our next show is in Muncie Indiana at the Iced Tea Cluster. We'll be there all four days! Hope to see some of you there!

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