Saturday, November 12, 2011

lots of updates, including win photos!

   Hello everyone... do you feel like we're beginning to become strangers? Sorry for another long timespan without a blog. School for me has been so incredibly busy. Note to self: It's a bad idea to take Microbiology and Biochemistry in the same quarter, and science majors are really difficult. But now we have a weekend off (no studying and no show!) so I finally have the time to sit down and update all of you.
   Okay, so we're backing up all the way to last month at the Mad River Kennel Club shows in Urbana, Ohio. We entered both days, and each day ended up pulling one point. As you know we need two singles to finish... but we went Reserve Winners Dog both days! Oh no! It was a disappointment for us, but honestly Keebler looked a little bald. He blew a lot of coat the week right before. We also entered the Delaware Ohio shows on Sunday only, and it pulled one point. We won our class, but no Winners or Reserve that day. These last two singles feel like they're going to be the hardest to achieve, and here we thought it would be the majors! Our next show is going to be the Columbus Ohio shows, but we're entered only on Sunday. My grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary that weekend! So we will not be able to attend all four days. As of right now Sunday pulled a major, but we have a feeling that will break as we're sure some of the class dogs will finish their championships before we get there. Good luck to everyone entered!
   Now for some win photos we're recently received. You can view an updated photo album of our win photos here:
  Have a great week everyone! Let us know if we'll be seeing you in Columbus, we'd love to catch up with some of our readers that we haven't seen in awhile!

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