Friday, December 2, 2011

a late-night/early-morning blog.

   Helloooo everyone... Wow. So, I haven't updated in nearly a month and feel like our time is SO overdue. So I'm blogging for y'all at 12:47am! Because y'all are really important to me, you know?
   Jumping back to November 20, when Keebler and I attended the Central Ohio Kennel Club show. It's one of the best shows of the year and we were disappointed that we couldn't attend all four days. We were only entered on Sunday, as you know. Well, the day originally pulled a three-point major, and we only need two singles to finish. However, on the day of the show, the major broke and went down to two points. But, alas, we got second place in our class. These last two singles seem like they are going to definitely the most difficult to achieve! We're really proud of our 2011 accomplishments though, and this has definitely been a year we'll never forget.
   Now that the year is winding down to an end, we are preparing for one of our favorite holidays... Christmas, of course! Actually, it snowed for the first time yesterday! Keebler loves snow and was so happy to go outside and run around like a madman in it! Here are a few photos of him in his "winter wonderland."

   Keebler absolutely loves snow! He was so excited to snuff through all of the snow mounds on the ground and try to catch the snowflakes in the air.  We promise to blog more this month, since I'm on my winter break until January. Stay warm & cozy, everyone!

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